Repeater Offline

The K3MRC 145.430 MHz repeater is offline. DCMARC is the custodian of this repeater. Currently, they do not have an ETA for restoration. We will relay any updates when available.

NERA has offered their repeater system as an alternative for ARES DC. We will move the Monday night nets over to the N3ERA DC repeater and plan to use this repeater in the event of an emergency in our area.

N3ERA DC 449.975 MHz (-5) 107.2 Hz

Note: This repeater recently changed callsigns and formerly IDed as WA3KOK DC.

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2023 Bellringer Ride

On Saturday, October 21st, members of ARES DC and HacDC ARC partnered with Montgomery and Frederick MD ARCs to support the Bellringer charity bike ride for the Georgetown Hospital Lombardi Cancer Center.

Find out more about the 2023 Bellringer Ride


All Hands on Deck: Disaster Preparedness Fair

On October 14th, ARES DC staffed a table with information about ham radio and emergency communications at the All Hands on Deck: Disaster Preparedness Community Engagement Fair in Southwest DC.

Read more about the event in this The Hoya article

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2023 Ride to End ALZ Nation’s Capital

On Sunday, May 7, members of DC ARES collaborated with Loudoun County ARES to organize and execute communications support for the Ride to End ALZ. The event raised $432,000 for Alzheimer’s research.

Find out more about the Ride to End ALZ

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47th Annual Marine Corps Marathon

The Marine Corps Marathon is the largest amateur radio public service event in the National Capital Region. Annually, over 100 hams from DC, Maryland, and Virginia support the marathon. This year, ARES DC members were among those volunteers supporting our community.

The Mission

  • Pass messages for the MCM team quickly and accurately
  • Be the MCM team’s eyes on the course, alerting the MCM team with clear, accurate facts

What Hams Do at the MCM

  • Plan and carry out a quality radio operation
  • Test communication systems, techniques, and operators in the field
  • Safely operate a LARGE scale event within the National Capital Region
  • Demonstrate amateur radio providing public service
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Bellringer Ride to Support Cancer Research at Georgetown

On October 22nd, ARES DC volunteers worked with our peers from Frederick County, MD and Montgomery County, MD to provide communications support for the inaugural Bellringer Ride. The event raised more than $1 Million for cancer research at the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

After several weeks of planning, over twenty amateur radio operators volunteered their time, skills, and equipment to man positions at rest stops, support and gear (SAG) vans, and net control / ride command.

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Supporting our Neighbors at the Nation’s Capital Ride to End ALZ

On May 15th, members of ARES DC lead communications support for the Nation’s Capital Ride to End ALZ. The Alzheimer’s Association Ride to End ALZ is a cycling event to directly impact the pace and momentum behind the fight to end Alzheimer’s. Participants in Ride to End ALZ raise funds and awareness to advance research toward the first survivor of Alzheimer’s.

Volunteer Amateur Radio Operators staffed positions at ride command, five rest stations, eight support and gear (SAG) vans, and net control. Twenty-seven hams from eleven local clubs and organizations worked together, providing their skills, equipment, and time to support an important cause.

Net Control

We operated Net Control from the Loudoun County ARES station at the Loudoun County Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Net Control ran a directed net for the duration of the event, kept a detailed log of all traffic, and tracked SAG vehicles via APRS.

Rest Stops

Two amateur volunteers operated at each of the five rest stops where riders could stop for water, snacks, and mechanical assistance. Operators monitored the status of the station, relayed requests to command from ride staff, and provided situational awareness about the riders passing through their station.

Ride Command

Two operators worked at the ride command location. From ride command, organizers monitored the status of the race, interfaced with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of the route, received calls for support from riders and sent GPS positions to SAG vehicles to find riders.

SAG Vehicles

An amateur volunteer operated from each of the eight Support and Gear vehicles. SAGs roam around the course, provide situational awareness, carry repair tools, water and food for riders, and provide a lift for riders with mechanical trouble. Some hams both drove and operated, while others were paired up with a designated driver.

We used Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) tracking for real time positions of all the SAG vehicles. Two operators used their own radios with built-in APRS capabilities. And six operators used all-in-one APRS trackers loaned to the event by members of Loudoun ARES. We also used the cache of high quality 2M/70CM antennas recently purchased by HacDC Amateur Radio Club (HARC/W3HAC) through a grant from the Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) foundation.

Neighbors Working Together

Although event planning was lead by ARES DC and HARC, this event wouldn’t have been possible without so many hams from the District, Maryland, and Virginia collaborating to make this event a success.

Volunteers were affiliated with eleven different organizations in the DC metro area, many coming together for the first time to support the ride.

Special thanks go out to Loudoun County ARES for providing access to the EOC and guidance on operating in the county and the Network Engineers Engineers Repeater Association (NERA) for use of their repeaters.

Ride to End ALZ Action Plan (PDF)


ARES DC Weekly Training Net

The ARES DC Training Net meets each Monday evening, following the HacDC Amateur Radio Club Net (usually 8:20PM ET), on the 145.430(-)MHz (PL 114.8) K3MRC repeater.

The purpose of this net is to practice directed net operations, provide public service information, and encourage interest in ARES in the District. We invite all licensed amateur stations to check in and participate in the net, regardless of location or affiliation.


ARES Introduction at W3HAC Meeting Tonight

When: Wednesday, Feb 9 at 7:30PM


Tonight is the W3HAC (HacDC ARC) monthly member meeting. Please join us for updates and conversation on these topics:
1) 2022 initiative updates

  • Remote station upgrade (John K2WT & Don K6ZO to share plan)
  • ARES in the District (Liz K4LIZ & others)
    • Planning team discussion
    • Monday nets
    • Ride to End Alzheimers – May 15 around Leesburg
  • Local ham engagement (Patrick AC3K, John K2WT & others)
    • Tuesday digital nets
    • 10-meter radio lending pool

2) Communications 

  • New look for our web site (Evan N4UCQ and Phil KC3HMY)

3) Upcoming events


ARES is BACK in the District

We’re reorganizing ARES in Washington, DC. Please reach out via our contact page, apply online, join a W3HAC weekly net or monthly meeting to get involved.